Dharma Study Group

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this group now meets online via Zoom. Email us at info@princetoninsightmeditation.org for meeting details.

The Princeton Insight Meditation Dharma Study Group meets on Sundays from 3:00 to 5:00pm at Fellowship in Prayer in Princeton (219 Witherspoon Street).

This page will always have links to the texts for the upcoming sessions, along with other materials and announcements for the course.

If you have questions about the group, please email us at study@PrincetonInsightMeditation.org

Here is the link to this week’s course materials.

We have just completed the Sila course, “Living with Integrity.” Here is Andrew Oldendzki’s summary of the course.

Next course: Samadhi

Beginning on March 21st, this group will follow a 32-week program of study, meditation, and practice that focuses on Samadhi, “Developing the Mind.” We will read and discuss texts from the Pali canon, the words of the historical Buddha himself, translated to easy to understand language and made relevant to the way we live in the world today. Beginning with some basic ways of looking at mental training and clarifying the difference between directed and undirected meditation, the course takes a very close look at the classical instructions for meditation found in the Establishment of Mindfulness Discourse, including its important refrain, and at all four foundations of mindfulness individually. The higher concentration practices of absorption or jhana are examined carefully, and each of the four ‘sublime abidings’ or brahma-viharas are also investigated thoroughly. It goes on to address the issues of skillful effort and working with mental states, and concludes with a close look at the Metta Sutta, the well-loved discourse on how to cultivate loving kindness and the many benefits of doing so. This study will be combined with meditation and exercises for further practice between meetings.

The study group will follow the teaching method and materials of the “Developing the Mind” course of Andrew Oldendzki’s Integrated Dharma Program. Here is Andrew’s introduction to the course:

Princeton Insight Meditation is offering this course free of charge and will provide access to all necessary text materials. It is suitable for all levels of meditators including beginners.

Those who are able to commit to the full 32-week program of study and practice will benefit the most from the course. However, drop-ins are welcome.